‘Force quit’ is an exhibition by .zip's residents exploring; digital escapism, the omnipresence of surveillance, the grip of technological control, and the emergence of alternative realities and ecologies. Through various interactive games and video works, the artists prompt reflection on these topics - inviting viewers to question our digital age's impact on our live and freedom.

Find us at 1e Pijnackerstraat 75, 3035 GN Rotterdam
for our open atelier + exhibition ‘force quit’.
Sat 16.9.2023 + sun 17.9.2023 from 11:00 - 18:00

On show:
I want to delete it all but not now by @roos.gr (escape game)
Maria Island by @biancarague (videowork)
The Museum is Closed by @cyannevdhouten (choose your own adventure game)
Hexed by @talkingheads (videowork)
Scrying for Emergence by Ymer Marinus (generative artwork)
Xenofossils by @e_ptrs (ceramic 3D print)
Ode to Frances by @roos.gr (murder mystery game)
Modding the Mirror World by @___louisa___ (teaser for exhibition in Mama)
Moon.dweller by @cyannevdhouten (prompted generative artwork)
Man Made Matters by @remcoakkerman (wood pieces)