A media artist and digital rights guardian. Everything is a game to her, but she's done with the mind games the Tech Giants are playing with us. Part of @telemagic.online and envisioning the future of @zipspace.nl as a unique Rotterdam artist's homebase where art, tech, creation and intervention can merge together. 
A spiritual surfer manifesting techno magical media art and cyber sculptures. Founder of the collective @telemagic. Special attack: smashing graphics with @tripcodestudio 
A techno-wizard with @telemagic and sound sculptor extraordinaire with The Living Void & @glo_sounds. Driven by the electric combustion engine of DIY tool creation & algorithmic oracles.
Interdisciplinary artist exploring possible futures of queerness and ecologies. Also active at @nieuweinstituut, @wintertuinnl and @tentrotterdam. Always collaborating. Embodies the archetype of the Digital Nomad but hates the term.

Your friendly neighbourhood evil space witch luring you into the city streets along cyber breadcrumbs and gateways deep into the mirror world...
Just another artist doing her thing! While killing time on 🌍 , she daydreams about the future of work with @bzaarlabs and the future of care @bumpgalaxy. Possible futures in general. What is she doing here anyway???
CEO of asmallproductioncompany Weaponized with a camera she shoots it all! Film, documentary, musicvideo, photographs. All these layers you can find back in her digital collages at @rainbovvvalley
An on- and offline maker. Creating solutions to everyday problems and building designer interior pieces.