May 19, 2024
17:00 - 21:00

- trash hacking 
- koopavond
- benefit

Garagesale: Salon de Refuses

A cemetery of concepts where killed darlings lie; a maze filled with deconstructed lovers; a sanctuary for misfitted misprints. salon des refuses stands as a monument to the beauty found in the rejected, the unconventional, and the radical.

Born from the era of trash-hacking, our residents at .zip have delved into the depths of their digital wastebaskets to resurrect works that defy norms and challenge perceptions.
You'll find that some pieces are whispering for a second chance. these works, marked for sale, carry with them the promise of transformation—not just for the piece itself but for .zip as a community.

All proceeds from the sale of these artifacts will be channeled back into improving .zip and organizing public events in 2024, fostering a cycle of continuous creation.

17:00 Walk in for vrijmibo, our bar is open
18:00 - 20:00 Music sets by .zip residences
21:00 closing time

Be early to cherry pick your favorites!