Ghost Hardware by .zip serves as an intimate testing ground where you can dive into hacking, understanding, and deconstructing tools.

During Ghost Hardware .zip is open to you to dig through different bits of code for interactive projects we and other digital makers prepared for you to test and play with. It's a space to trial ongoing projects and games in front of a select audience.

Get to know us and the tools we have here, share knowledge and hang out. Each session concludes with a movie screening.

Upcoming editions in 2024:
︎︎︎ vape live into your wildest fantasies
︎︎︎ radio

Past editions:
22 july 2023: ghost hardware #3 plot thickens
print your own clothes workshop by cyanne van den houten
roleplay mystery by louisa teichmann
ode to frances by roos groothuizen

27 may 2023: ghost hardware #2 shrekathon
future body fantasy, avatar creation workshop by roos groothuizen
NFC as a game token workshop by louisa teichmann
prompt battle artefact generator by erik peters

25 march 2023: ghost hardware #1 open circuits
free tool play
chat gpt albert heijn performance by derk over

Ghost Hardware is initiated by Louisa Teichmann