March 24, 2024
15:30 - 23.00

- gametesting
- worldbuilding

Playground - kick off session
The Kids Are Not Alright (Or Creepy Crayon Nightmare Fuel) by Laura op de Beke

We are over the moon to announce our first playground session at .zip, a testbed for LARPs and other collective worldbuilding and storytelling games. These sessions are designed to support game makers in their practice by providing a space to test, play and review each other's work in progress. The artist-run media lab .zip will act as a sandbox for sharing tools and experiences.

Our kick-off will be happening on Sunday, 24th of March at 1e Pijnackerstraat 75, Rotterdam.
This time we will start with a game test by Laura op de Beke's new LARP "The Kids Are not Alright"

This is a LARP about troubled children and the monsters under their bed. It draws inspiration from the horror trope of the haunted child who makes creepy drawings of ghosts and monsters, disturbing the adults around him. The little boy from The Sixth Sense who ‘sees dead people’ is the prime example. In this LARP, half the group will play such a child, while the other half will play a child psychologist called in to assess their mental condition.

If you would like to join the LARP test session, please sign up via email to as there are very limited spots available.


3:30 PM Walk in
4 – 6:30 PM LARP test: 'The Kids Are Not Alright'. by Laura op de Beke (limited spots)
7 PM Gathering, drinks and playground kick-off (You are also welcome to just join this part)

Runtime LARP
~ 2,5 hours
Content warnings
This LARP plays with horror tropes like possession, hauntings, ghosts and monsters. In addition, the LARP is likely to touch on subjects of mental illness, child abuse, bullying, and death.

︎︎︎ About Laura op de Beke ︎ 
Laura op de Beke is an Assistant Professor of Interactive Media, Screens, and Interfaces at Utrecht University. Her research focuses on games and cultures of play, specifically in the context of the climate crisis. She writes about video games, LARP, popular culture, science fiction, the environmental humanities, ecocriticism and more. Laura also designs LARP or live-action role-playing games.